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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
About the future, sure, in hindsight we are all wiser. But then again a smart fellow might have predicted the structural problems in 1995.
Maybe. If I was more interested in analysing it all back then who knows. I think it was around 97/98 that I started to realise things weren't going to go well down the line, but I was likely behind the curve.

I know that you Anglo-Saxon folks will protest but the problem is commercialization. Of course you always want to make money, that's obvious. But over-producing like in the nineties or selling-out like now has creative implications which are disliked by some folks, e.g. you dislike what happened in the nineties and I dislike what happens now.
I'm not really upset by commercialising, and I'm not sure I see it as a problem - Trek has never not been a commercial venture. But that has it's own problems.

Saturation in the 1990s that happened, and now what some feel as the simplification of it all for the initial purposes of the reboot.

I don't see this as selling out by anyone other than perhaps Paramount themselves doing what they always do, which is seeking to maintain the revenue flow. When we get back to the nuts and bolts this all comes back to Paramount and the financiers. Just as they wanted the mulitiple series on air in the 1990s to make revenue, to exploit the Trek wave that TNG had helped kick-off, Paramount wanted to dust off Trek for the movies and try and make it popular again. I'm fine with that in principle because I know that Trek isn't a charity and needs to earn money for it's keep. One might agree to disagree about Abrams and Co being the 'right' people to have done it, and whether someone else 'could' have done it better, however, the end game was the same and so was the remit that anyone hired would have had to meet.

About blockbusters, there is nothing wrong with a shallow blockbuster. I merely caution against expecting more from the next movie.
True, and I don't expect key ingredients to change. But sequels can be better than and also worse than the predecessor films. Right now, there's really no sure way to know how the Trek sequel will go, because we don't actually know beyond much speculation about the direction the story will take.

About people in charge, it all hinges on whether you view the late nineties and early zeroes as being so monolithic. To narrow the issue down on the four TNG movies, I think they are very different from each other. There is the movie that feels like a TV movie / miniseries, there is the grand movie which is perfect, then there is the more TV-like movie that repeats certain themes from the series and last but not least there is the failed blockbuster. The only pattern I see is a constant switching between series-like- and blockbuster-like movies. About Abrams and his bunch, if a team often works together you can expect good, predictable results and smooth work. You can't expect grand innovations (which was, I think everybody agrees on, a definite problem of too much B&B around the time of ENT).

About remakes, I wonder whether it is a coincidence that I tend to consider TMP and NEM as unwatchable and dislike everything remake-ish about ST09 (obviously I like what everybody likes, the epicness, the fast pace, the actors, etc.).
Maybe. A lot of people get mad about remakes (Zardoz always used to) but I don't necessarily hold that as being a problem every time. They've been around forever. For the most part, it's whether the execution of the individual film is done well enough (for me).

I think the problem with NEM is that it's (to me) such a naked and brazen remake of TWOK - something that I genuinely think ST09 avoids feeling like, but that's just a personal opinion - that inclines me to be harder on it that just about any other Trek film. They didn't even try to take that structure and work other elements in.............which I think (if we take ST09's Spock story as a sort of inverse TWOK) they at least did in the Abrams film by marrying it to the story of the ship and crew coming together. With NEM they just went with a photocopy.

I don't even really mind TMP being a remake either - it simply is and that's all there is to it. But I still do appreciate the visuals of the film (until they start to repeat and get dull!) and sometimes when I'm in the right mood I actually enjoy it just fine.
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