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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
That's not strictly true, neither First Contact nor even (technically) Insurrection were box-office flops. Certainly not the former, which is still his most successful film.

But once he tried to move into other features..........yep, they didn't work out financially. Although I've never seen Clockstoppers or Thunderbirds so I don't know if the box-office reflects how good the films are.

His TV directing was pretty good though.

First Contact made 92 million
That's a marginal success yes.
Insurrection was 70 million 28th on the top 50

Frankly when I say flop I guess I mean "no where near the top ten"..or "top 20". First Contact was a better success it's number 17 on it's years list. But honestly I was meaning flop as in...poor stories because those movies really were on the wrong end of the quality marker for me.

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