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Originally Posted by Futureguy View Post
Maybe they did not have warp capability while could not fire weapons while cloaked. If they had dropped cloak and gone to "warp", Scotty would have had to eat

They would have been visible at that point and Kirk would have followed the same...
Quite possible. Which brings me back to Mass Effect, which I love in that it is surprisingly well thought out for a video game. I particularly liked the ship's stealth system where all the ship's EM emissions are captured and stored in sinks in the ship allowing the ship to be invisible to sensors for a period of time. And, in keeping with the conservation of energy, the sinks have to be bled off after a time or the energy stored up in them will cause the to heat up to dangerous levels. Furthermore, if the ship goes to FTL speeds, the Doppler effect shifts the emissions to wavelengths that can't be collected by the sinks causing them to become visible to sensors.

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