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Default TOS Origin of Trans-Warp Beaming?

Tomorrow is Yesterday - TOS

At a Warp Speed, off the scale, Captain Christopher is beamed back to a point in time and space (on Earth) from the Enterprise. There did not seem to be a "BIG" discussion as to whether it could be done or not. They just did it as if it could have always been done.

So is there room here for Scotty to have "invented" Trans-Warp beaming or was it already possible from the standpoint of the prime universe. If it were so possible there, why was the alternate timeline unable to do the same?

I know, I know, it is how it was written for STXI, but that aside, it was just something I became aware of while watching TIY tonight. I'm just being quizzy about the continuity canon of Transporter capabilities. This must have been covered in another thread, but maybe not.......STXI seemed (to myself) to imply that Transwarp beaming was not possible even in the prime universe until Scotty invented the technique...(much later?) in his career.

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