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Default Time to be consistent?

One big difference between the Star Trek and Star Wars books:

Star Wars books are all written in a single timeline. Anything written must fit in with whatever else is already in print. When Timothy Zahn named Coruscant (main Imperial capitol planet) later movies used the same name. When characters like Mara Jade entered the saga others wrote about her and added to her adventures. Everything fits.

Star Trek books fit an era but are often very independent of one another. One author might create a cool character but no one else seems to use it. There is not the same level of sticking to a common timeline, although it has gotten better. Note that the TV series' and movie timelines fit together pretty well; it's the novels that often do not.

I'm wondering if the "reboot" movies would be a great time to start over with a timeline and encourage authors to stick to it. To make sure that every event fits in correctly with every other event.

What do you think?
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