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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
TVH proved it could be done for the most part, but broadly I'd be surprised if anyone attempted it nowadays.
Alwith the "E" being destroyed in TSFS, there was a continuity continuing into TVH, I feel, of what turned out to be a replacement "E" as a reward, forming a direct continuity link back to the original. The Enterprise was never out of thought and I'm sure that, in that movie reality, Kirk especially regretted having to sacrifice her for the greater good or a means of beating a "no-win" scenario. McCoy even said something of that sort to Kirk's question of, "What have I done?" as they were watching her burn up in the atmosphere. The ship was/is too much of an entity (a part of their soul) to leave her totally out of the equation.

The reaction of the crew as they saw the new one ant the end of the TVH clearly showed how much the Enterprise meant to them.
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