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The part problem is that plenty of fans have been (since the start) clamouring for reduxes of TOS in the new timeline as well.

I'm not sure how much imagination (or lack thereof) that indicates exist on either the fan side OR the movie making side, but either way it's not the most immediately appealing route to my mind. But it can also depend on 'how' it's done in the respective story.

I'm not impatient for a sequel.

Doing one on a two/three year cycle is variable (I personally think three years offers the reasonable compromise unless your going to do back-to-back stuff like LOTR, Pirates 2/3 etc) and to my mind you don't really have to do one that fast.

Plus, forcing a film to be ready for a predefined release date often leads to films that just don't pan out (this applies from everything from TMP itself in 1979 to Transformers 2 in 2009 - which ended up rushed through to make the release date) and while I would think that Paramount would have learned the lesson of that, I'm not inclined to believe that would stop them.

June 29th 2012 now looks likely that it cannot be met without rushing the project in some way. Then again, you CAN do a major film in a year - X-Men: First Class started principal photography I think in August 2010 for it's May 2011 release date and it wasn't a bust as a film.

If Abrams is unwilling to rush the project through in order to get the best result he possibly can and Paramount is willing to wait (this is also why G.I Joe 2 is now being put on a faster track by Paramount in fact, because it will likely take over the release slot that Star Trek 2 (12? whatever!) will probably have to vacate)...............................well, I don't have an issue with that.
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