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been gone tooooooo long. Grad school is sapping me of my fun time.

The bottom line as I see it is that the TOS/Refit/A-Version "E" design-wise was more apt to be described as a "lady" in the nautical sense. She could be easier described as a vessel for space exploration with less need of firepower. (though she could kick aZZ, when needed) while the nu-"E" has a more um, "manly" warship look about it. I would not describe the newest incarnation of the "E" design wise as anything as being a "Lady".
That being said, The new "guy" in town has similar design and looks to the "Lady", a good design with merits, but I miss the "Lady" more than I am able to accept the nu-"E" in her place.

Kirk always referred to the "E" as "she" or "her" as far as I remember and attributed characteristics of same. Also could be said that TOS versions of her were more apt to be accepted as something "practically" alive. That was something I picked up on from the beginning of TOS. I don't get that with the nu. I did not expect that to happen. I feel more connection to a Borg Cube and those things always made me cringe with the knowledge that something bad was about to happen.

My take on the acceptance of the two "designs".
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