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Default Theory of Shatner in the new Trek : REVISITED!!!!

I'm sure all of u are aware of the movement to uncover the truth about Shatner in the new Trek which some in the media have derisively dubbed "Shaters". But the truth is that the evidence keeps getting stronger that Shat is in the new Trek, or at least hidden in scenes on the DVD. Notice, also, that there has been NO DENIAL of this from either Paramount or JJ.

I know what you're thinking: "of course Shat is in the new Trek, but where is the proof?" But just use your logic: what do Paramount and JJ have to gain in making it hard to prove Shat is in the new Trek? That's right: $$$. This controversy keeps people buying and watching the DVDs, because --- as all of you know --- Shat might be on some of the DVD copies and not others.

Furthermore, why would they not put Shat in the new Trek? It wouldn't make sense. Shat is like the Elvis of the movie business; anything he's in becomes an instant blockbuster, even if some of the people aren't sure whether or not he's in; the rumor is enough. Plus, we all know that JJ is a legacy hound: he wants to go down in history as one of the greatest directors/producers ever. There is no way that can happen unless he directs/produces Shat in at least two or three movies.
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