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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
As I go on with age, I find the older James Bond movies just don't have the same appeal for me as they used for the beautiful babes that adorned them.
I seem to have the opposite experience (except for the babes, of course). As I get older, I prefer the older Bond films. Particularly anything with Sean Connery. For me, he will always be the quintessential Bond by which all others are judged. The newer stuff is cool and all, but I'm just old fashioned I guess. I never cared much for Roger Moore's take. Timothy Dalton sucked horribly (great actor, just not right as Bond). George Lazenby's single turn as 007 was very memorable. And Pierce Brosnan is my second favorite after Connery. I always thought he should have been the next Bond since I first saw him on Remmington Steele. And I have yet to see a Daniel Craig Bond film, so I'll reserve judgement for later.
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