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Originally Posted by I-Am-Zim View Post
Personally, I like STNV/PII. Sure, the acting's sub par (in most cases - especially James Cawley), I can deal with that, but the stories are good and the sets and CGI are absolutely fantastic! I love seeing new episodes of TOS. Even if the actors don't look much like the originals, they still portray their characters closer to the originals than the newbies did in jj-trek (except for Karl Urban of course) So far, my favorite episode is "World Enough And Time" starring George Takei as Sulu. Followed closely by "To Serve All My Days" starring Walter Koenig as Chekov. For me, nothing..especially good ol' Star Trek The Original Series!!! I think it's great that somebody took the initiative to produce top quality continuation episodes of what may possibly be the greatest sci-fi adventure ever undertaken. Abrams should have taken a similar route, in my opinion. I commend them on their fantastic work and look forward to new episodes as they are completed.
I think Star Trek Phoenix is the only fan series produced whose acting doesn't absolutely repel me. including Star Trek Odyssey.

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