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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I would love a Vulcan story. They probably won't do it, but there is a lot they could do with it.
You know, I think we might actually get something like that. If not with this movie, then perhaps the next one.

Let's start with a couple basic assumptions about the current movie franchise:

-First, that the most commonly-familiar aspects of ST (particularly TOS) are going to get pushed to the forefront. Last movie, the Orion Slave Girl decided to leave her job and make an honest living going to college (er... the academy), seemingly just so the movie could show her making out with Kirk. After all, 'everyone' knows Kirk had a green woman in the original series.

-And second, that movies in general are about character arcs and Life-Changing Events. Generally speaking, if your script doesn't have these ingredients, then you don't have a movie. ST films of the past have been largely 'exempt' from this rule, on the concession that every movie can't seem like a Life-Changing Event for the characters after 79 episodes of television had already passed (and many critics were probably all too happy to lower expectations anyway). However, since ST is now 'primarily' a movie franchise, the conventional rules of drama would seem to apply.

The first film had the ST crew (particularly Kirk and Spock) coming together and learning to function as a team. It is therefore not unreasonable to assume that the films from here on out will involve problems -both personal and cosmic- that test the integrity of the ST 'family' by threatening to pull it back apart.

In keeping with assumption #1, we already have a "one of the above" list of characters who will 'likely' appear in the next film. I believe they were Harry Mudd, the Gorn, Gary Mitchell and [I forget the fourth one. I'm thinking it was either Trelane or the Horta]. Whichever one it is, I'm thinking it will just be a very brief cameo. Otherwise they wouldn't have spilled it.

Meanwhile Kirk has dropped out of the Kirk/Uhura/Spock romantic triangle (unless he's more of an idiot than I give him credit for). And hopefully by the end of next movie we'll know whether Uhura (per ST09) or McCoy (per 'traditional' TOS) is the third member of the Trekkian triumvirate.

Now. 'Amok Time' is another one of those classic episodes that 'almost' everyone probably knows about to some degree. How long do you suppose the writers will resist bringing T'Pring into one of these movies? With the explanation that she was off-world at the time Vulcan went kaput?

In doing so, you achieve some obvious results that are nonetheless dramatically 'truthful' with ST characters and canon. You 'heat up' the Uhura/Spock triangle (don't look at me like that, I'm just making observations here). And you provide a 'passive' antagonist who can seduce/guilt-trip Spock into reconsidering his obligations to country vs the Enterprise/Starfleet (especially if he already takes a lot of flak from fellow Vulcans who have had to make greater personal sacrifices for Vulcan society in the wake of what happened).

And a storyline dealing with the aftermath of the Vulcan diaspora, and possibly a renegade faction of Vulcan causing problems for the Federation, would seem to provide JJ and company with the perfect excuse for working such personal elements into their story. Again, from a purely observational point of view.

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