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Sure, just think of it as free therapy...................

I actually watched the flick on super-duper Blu-Ray last night for the first time a while. Cracking flick!

Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I'm sure he will. I'm talking about after he leaves (whenever that is).

To clarify my previous post, as long as JJ is directing the movies, he should 'probably' maintain production design continuity as much as possible.

However, I wouldn't consider it artistically reasonable or realistic to hold the 'next' director (whether he takes over the franchise after the second film or the fourth) under the same obligation.
I figure the longer that time comes closer and there's not even a hint of another director being sought by the studio.............which would become public knowledge pretty quickly............I tend to figure the more likely it is he'll come back.

The scheduling is lining up just fine for it to work out.

Whether we need to start seriously talking about who might make a third film (2015 just seems so far ahead....................) we probably won't know until we see how the sequel does, financially and critically. Gotta love Paramount for locking down that July 4th vicinity slot though. Smart thinking and a clear sign of confidence.
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