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Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy
Absolutely top notch performance. He’s the only one that acted like he actually researched his role before filming.

Visual effects…they were quite good…

End credit music…for obvious reasons…


The total disregard of established Star Trek history.
Abrams’ constant dissing of Star Trek fans before, during, and after production
The so-called alternate timeline cop-out
Characterizations (other than Bones) being “off”.
Musical score (some of it)
Nero and the Tattoomulans
Ridiculous coincidences
Early promotions
Sound effects (too “Star Wars-like” for my liking)
Way too many Star Wars References


The Fuglyprise and its tendency to change sizes at random
The iBridge
Pretty much all the set designs
The NuSpock/NuUhura nonsense
Death of Amanda (typical Star Wars type pointless death)
Destruction of Alderaan…er…NuVulcan

There are a thousand other things I could list, I just haven’t watched the movie in many moons and can’t remember them all. And I may update this post as more things pop into my head.

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