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I'm fine with the movie as is. Hopefully the next movie will be a bit more substantial, but I won't hold my breath for it.

As for's something that could've happened in a battle:

UHURA: Captain, the Klingons are coming around for another attack. Signals are still jammed. We can't contact StarFleet.

CHEKOV: Shields are fluctuating, Keptin'! I am wery concerned about out ability to sustain a defense. Phasers at tventy percent pover!

SPOCK: The Klingons are cloaking and decloaking individual ships at random, Captain. It's difficult to determine the exact number of their attack force.

SULU: Warp engines still off line, sir.

KIRK: Scotty, we need warp speed and I need a brewski, NOW!

SCOTT: (over comms) Ah'm fixin' an' pourin' as fast as ah can, sahr!

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