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Although it's not exactly a scientific poll - although the one plus is it's not one of those ones that lets you vote endlessly but rather just the once like any proper poll - I nonetheless find it continually interesting to notice that out of all the given options the 'new timeline'/'destruction of Vulcan'/'new Enterprise' are much further down the list of fan concerns than the Spock/Uhura relationship and the environs used for Engineering.

Both of which I was actually fine with............though to be fair I was fine with most of the film completely. If I had to vote for one of the provided options I would probably make it a vote for the Nero backstory being weak...........or perhaps the 'fine as it was' option.

I've yet to decide...............correction, I went with Nero's backstory.

Of course, they could fix the Engineering 'problem' by writing a sequel script that doesn't have any scenes set in it! That way they don't have to squander money needlessly redesigning it all and that money could be far better spent elsewhere. That should work as a solution! Worked for TVH and still Scotty had plenty to do!
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