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I could still see Keenser as a comic sidekick, as long as it is done in moderation...and not overused. We only had a glimpse of Keenser in the first movie....keep it about that level in the second film, and I don't see a problem...also, show Keenser to be a capable Engineer's Mate. Let him have a hand in actually saving the ship.

It would also make for an interesting source of contention, or even secret pride for Scotty, who would come to be known as the ship's "Miracle Worker". Behind every great engineer is a hard-working little alien partner....and that could be Scotty's secret little thank you to the little guy when the two pull the ship out of a jam.

If you think about it, it works. In the Chain of Command, the C.O. often thanks his senior officers for their work in such situations, and the senior officers usually pass that thanks along to their underlings. So the same could be said here. Scotty, in the eyes of Kirk and Co. is a miracle worker, but Scotty knows its his own work crew that are the miracle workers. He just happens to be the first in line to receive tangible gratitude.

I think it would be an improvement for even the original Scotty character, because no matter what, in the original series or the original was always Scotty and Scotty alone who saved the day. Never saw him passing on such gratitude to his mates. I'd like to see that in the next movie.

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