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Horatio -

Thanks for the feedback on the billions vs. millions vs. thousands. I was just enthusiastic and it led me to exaggerate just a wee bit. No harm, no foul, eh.
I was just praising Bill because he seems to be an easy target when people say negative things about "Star Trek". His performances over the years have been slammed far more times than they've been praised in the Press and only since that guest shot on the John Lithgow sitcom and his guest stint as Denny Crane on "The Practice" have people stood up and noticed him.
I created my original post because I thought it was nice that Walter Koenig put aside any supposed animosity and buried the hatchet with Bill.
Your comment about "avoid self satire" seemed a little condescending whether you meant it that way or not.

Kevin - I didn't mean to denigrate the other great contributors to the legacy of "Star Trek". Roddenberry, Fontana, Gene Coon, Berman, Harve Bennett, Nick Meyer and so many others played key roles, but obviously in front of the screen I think Bill, Leonard and De played the biggest role in turning a tv show into a phenomenon.
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