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Default Kirk & Chekov make nice on "Raw Nerve"

It was fun to see the nice interplay between Bill and Walter on Bio's "Raw Nerve" show.
Seeing Walter bring up the supposed "animosity" that the supporting cast felt for Bill reminded me of some of Walter's writings in old issues of "Starlog" and in a couple of books he had written.
Personally I feel bad that Walter, George, Nichelle and Jimmy all felt bad about Bill and some of them apparently weren't big Nimoy fans either.
It was nice to see Walter acknowledge the truth that when the supporting cast went to the hundreds and hundreds of "Star Trek" conventions, the fans treated them as "stars" when in fact, they were the supporting cast.
Without Bill working hard at staying youthful looking and Leonard and De's great work, "Star Trek" would have died out in '69 or after the first movie ended.
I think all of the billions of people that have made money off of "Star Trek" should be kissing Bill's fat tookas for allowing them to feed their families and send their kids to college.
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