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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I think there's an implicit sense in that. Heroes don't come into being fully formed. Not semi-plausible ones anyway. No, they get made, sometimes coming from the most unlikely places and are fashioned by the events that happen to them and their responses to those events.
I would agree with that.

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I think that there were great heroics in the movie. Robau, Kirk senior, Pike, Spock, Kirk junior, every commanding officer risked or sacrificed his life. But they were also "loud" and quick heroics that painted over some problems as opposed to more "quiet" heroics that didn't happen in a rush like for example Kirk giving up his private life in GEN.
heroic or reckless?
Look at what that Redshirt that jumped with them did.
And then it's hard to escape the perception that Pikes and Robau's heroics were...senseless which lends to the recklessness. I try to look at what Kirk did as Heroic and not reckless for going after the Narada but it was all so brash and not very serious.

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