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While the non-speaking Klingons in the background of TOS, TUC and ST09 were brutes the foreground Klingons in TOS were shrewd warriors, the interrogator in ST09 was equally cunning but Chang, Azetbur and Gorkon were more human. Sure, Chang is the typical shrewd Klingon but Gorkon looks like Lincoln, the make-up of all these three characters is moderate and above all they are a foil for Kirk. Chang reflects the warrior, Chang the dignified leader and Azetbur the flexible, willing-to-change young mind in Kirk.
To me the beauty of the Klingons in these two short cut-out scenes is that they follow the basic idea of TOS Klingons, i.e. cunning leaders command a brutal army. It's a variation of a theme instead of a literal repetition (like Spock repeating his Doyle line or Chekov doing his v-w thing) as e.g. the Mongolian aspect is missing (hopefully not out of political correctness but because it looked silly).
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