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You never know! Khan might. Plenty of fans seems to want him to. Or they used to from what I can recall. Of course, a whole host of them also wanted to have their favourite episode remade..................

And I don't think anyone is expecting anything vastly different to a degree. Yes it will be an action film and intended to be fun and entertaining. Whether people like them to be this or not, the majority of the earlier films fall into that same action/adventure genre within the sci-fi setting of the Trek universe, so there would be nothing wrong with that in principle. This has served some of the previous films well, and some of them not so well.

It depends on how you feel about each of the films. I don't particularly think that much of TUC nowadays (just because a film is held as having substance doesn't mean I actually personally enjoy sitting and watching it unfortunately, even though it is one of the more popular Trek films, but I enjoy TWOK and FC a lot) but that's irrelevant.
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