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I said I didn't want Earth in danger again because it defeats the point of having a ship built for exploration, unless the Enterprise is exploring what in the films it frequently seems to - the dark, expansive and mysterious corners of the spacedock it's sitting in for that film. And also because it's a trick used in the last two films in succession (the blockbuster one and the non-blockbuster one)

It would just be a skoosh too repetitive for a third sequential film to have the same threat as part of it's plot.

I've also tried to explain before that the film (I'm leaving the more individual issue of whether it was 'good' or not alone, there's no real definitive answer to that because it depends on what the individual viewer wants to get out of a film vs what they actually do get from it sorta thing) wasn't really necesarily a cash cow from a financial business standpoint...........but oh, why waste the time going over it again.
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