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I think Vorta are really more complicated than either view gives them credit for here.

I don't know that Kilana was so atypical except perhaps that she did not have Vorta hair. She is deceptive, manipulative, and yet somehow oddly intriguing and personable. And she is also vaguely creepy without quite defining why. These characteristics could just as easily fit Weyoun, Borath, or Eris. But at the same time, Vorta themselves are by no means "typical" or uncomplicated. Certainly not stupid.

Note that at that point the Dominion and the Federation were not at war. It was still possible to come to an understanding. Had they been at war during the fifth season, relations as they stood between Kilana and Sisko would most likely have been very different.

Possibly the truly exceptional Vorta, if you are looking for one, is Weyoun 6.
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