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To be honest, the only thing that really bugged me was the uniform inconsistency for Valeris. Red shirt collar and cuffs under the jacket, yet a grey lapel/shoulder strap for the rank insignia. What was that about?
Courtesy of Spikes Star Trek page:
1.) Rank insignia: Everyone in the movie referred to her as "Lieutenant Valeris," but her uniform showed the rank insignia of a Lieutenant Commander.
2.) Shoulder strap colour: Her shoulder strap was grey, although she was the helmsman of the Enterprise-A. The correct shoulder strap colour would have been yellow ochre.
3.) Shirt colour: Spock stated that Valeris has already graduated from Starfleet Academy. Thus, her turtleneck shirt shouldn't have been red, because that's the colour for cadets and trainees. Moreover, the shirt colour has to be of the same colour as the shoulder strap. The correct shirt colour would have been yellow ochre.
4.) Pants stripe: Her pants stripe was red, although a red stripe is only worn by command officers. The correct pants stripe colour would have been yellow ochre.
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