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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I do like TFF's political attitude, which seems refreshingly less conservative than STs II and III (which is not to say that I take anything away from TWOK despite the fact). Kirk's rescue-the-hostages-by-force mission fails in pretty much the way you would expect something like that in real life. And I like that the Federation is at least partly responsible for the poverty and neglect evidenced on Nimbus III. In this regard I think the movie was ahead of TNG (most of it anyway) in establishing the cynical realism that Treks like STVI and DS9 have become known for.
That's an interesting point - the 'Peace Planet' that essentially everyone has given up on and left to rot.

But is that there because it was attempt to show that the Federation could give up and walk away from such attempts, or was it there merely to be the desperately in need place where someone as able as Sybok can stake claim to the people there who 'need' the inspiration and vision he provides that has been lost from the three major powers?

Technically, I guess it's the latter, but then it also nicely implies the former as well once the movie is over and done with.

It foreshadows placed like the colony Tasha grew up on, another place it's implied that the Federation gave up on and left to descend into chaos and poverty.

I liked that too. Also the scenes leading up to Nimbus III, Spock's divided loyalty, and even Sybok's subtle admiration for the fact that he was not able to divide Spock and his friends. I actually do quite enjoy the movie when I'm in the mood for it. But I press SKIP whenever anybody's about to sing, or Uhura's about to start flirting with Scotty. Oh, and the new limited edition soundtrack CD? AWESOME.
Spock's 'pain' is fine, but I do find McCoy's a little cliche - oh, he switched his dad off and then almost immediately they found a cure. It's not so bad, but for me it's another one of those 'rolls eyes, moves on to next scene' moments, even though Kelley plays the scene well and it gave him more to do that the films usually did.
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