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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
While I absolutely agree with your point that The Cage, TMP and early TNG is pure RoddenberryTrek with its typical slightly dry, rational and sterile atmosphere contrasted by the wonders and magnificence of space there are differences.

The Cage works for example much better than TMP, not because its characters are fleshed out better (Pike etc. feel very "scripty" which is only partly natural for a pilot) but because they are an integral part of the story. It's a story about human desires whereas TMP only features a few nice but unconnected character moments.
I can sorta see that. I don't think the character moments are unconnected; in fact I think TMP for all its flaws is one of the few ST films to involve a thematic arc for its characters (in this case Kirk/Spock/Decker/V'ger... Ilia really kinda gets screwed over). But the moments are definitely fewer and further between than the other cited examples... I can't deny TMP is the coldest of all the STs. I still prefer it to 'Encounter at Farpoint' and probably half the other eps of TNG S1, and I could state my reasons, but in the end it would still be just a matter of personal preference.

I could just have a soft spot for the flawed movies that could have been. TMP is David Lynch's adaptation of Dune, it's Zack Snyder's take on Watchmen, and Alien 3 all in one. It's (presumed) contempt for Star Wars may have been a huge factor in the direction it chose. But I also can't help admire it for being an old-school sci-fi film, in the tradition of 2001, Forbidden Planet (which feels very proto-ST to me) or The Day the Earth Stood Still. And yet I can't call it great. Maybe parts of it can be 'almost' great if one disassociates the parts of it that are Star Trek.

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