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It's probably more bad than good really.

These days I consider it the first Trek reboot (one that failed and had to be corrected by Bennet and Co later) thanks to the ground up redesign and rebuild of everything visually from TOS and also the abandonment of anything that remotely made TOS what it was apart from the central characters. Not that reboots are bad, but this one simply wasn't well done and what annoys the most is that it was botched by the show's own creator.

Flat, ponderous, probably with a touch of unwarranted self-importance over what is essentially a paper thin plot (itself recycled from TOS anyway) the strongest thing going for it is the superlative effects and for actually having the feel of a major movie. But good as they are, there's not much else to really get excited about.

But, on the other hand, it was successful enough at the time to warrant Paramount giving it a second chance..........where some of the damage was successfully reversed in TWOK.

At the end of the day, without TMP, we wouldn't have any of the rest!
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