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I love just about anything "Star Trek"...After all, we've all watched "The Apple" and other "poor" episodes a few dozen times each.
So that being said, I enjoy watching "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".
But to answer the question, good or bad, I guess it would be more truthful to say "Bad".
The "Star Trek" movies really hit their stride with #'s 2-4 and they hit on a creative windfall due mainly to the contributions of Harve Bennett and to a slightly lesser extent, Nick Meyer.
"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" has a beautiful look at times and Jerry Goldsmith's score is probably the saving grace of the picture. But the core of the story is pretentious and the payoff at the end is as pleasureable as a flat soda. I don't think Roddenberry had the foresight/vision to make a 2 hr "Star Trek" celebration. Bennett knew how to pull it together and only "Trek V" could be considered a failure, but that was more Shatner's baby than Harve's.
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