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Indeed, Saquist. Most of my online friends who are into Galactica are into the classic series. However, if my upcoming YouTube series proves popular enough, I may tackle my more ambitious Galactica project...another retelling of the fall of the Colonies and the exodus called "Galactica: The Last Battlestar" which blends elements of both the original and new series in such a way that it works....and one that doesn't incense fans of either show.

Kevin, believe it or not, that is the default face for the avatar Jack Casual in iClone. Surprisingly enough, it turned out to look just enough like the original Starbuck that I just left it alone.

iClone does have the ability though to graft photos of faces onto the avatars. (The female character I have standing on one of the statue blocks at the pyramid is based on Natalie Portman, and the female character I have on the landram's gun turrets is based on Ellen Page).

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