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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
I hear you. The intent of the article still bothers me though. Maybe the author doesn't even realize it but it seems like he is trying to justify that Catholicism is good because look how it is applied in Star Trek. It also sort of comes of as my beliefs maybe more valid vs. your beliefs because mine are portrayed on a regular basis.
I think that this is related to the old question of unviversality and while I normally side with the liberal idea of providing a univeral framework in which particular religious or political believes can manifest themselves I also think that universality is accessible via particularity. You choose something and commit yourself to it, in case of this author Catholicism, and precisely because of that you realize universal values. I believe that I am more universal when I am particular and committed to being a lefty than when I am wishy-washy-centre which seems more universal on the first glance.
This is again paradoxical but what's e.g. the point of being a fairly moderate and liberal religious beliefer if all the things you really believe are common sensical and not really related to the specific religion? There is a sense of hypocrisy about it and I rather take the orthodox Christian who believes that he is a sinner than the liberal, postmodern Christian who mixes it perhaps a bit with Buddhism to feel well. It's religion, it should be serious and not be a wellness weekend.

Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Sorry...I've done a lot of research in the past few Weeks on DS9. I'm at my wits end with references. Rest assured the Prime Directive is mentioned directly considering the Bajorans in Emissary. (The site where I typically get the script information is full of virus)
I am not sure whether my antivirus system is that good but when I search Trek quotes I always use this site ( and my virus scanner doesn't protest.
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