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Originally Posted by chator View Post
She did voice acting up til '93 according to IMDB, on Batman:TAS.

About why Gates left, I heard a rumor that Maurice Hurley hated Gates McFadden. He was a co-executive producer on the show until he left after the second season, which coincides with Gates' return in the third season.
There are stories that there were behind the scenes issues and that McFadden was let go because of that. But nothing definitive has ever been stated about why she left, or why she was re-hired. The only rumour about her re-hiring was that she was taken back at a lower salary scale than the rest of the cast were on by that time.

As to Muldaur, I didn't know about the voice-over work. Only that L.A. Law represented the general end of her career in television etc.

I liked Pulaski anyway - but she was too obviously a TOS throwback character type. This isn't bad in and of itself, but it meant she never fit in with the TNG style characters very well.
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