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Maybe I'm wrong. I was just trying to do a quick job of turning my Voyager MSD into a Yeager MSD and saw that big boxy thing jammed in there. The Interpid class doesn't have huge intercoolers showing, and I doubt the Intrepid prototypes did. Logically, the Yeager ships were built for urgent use in the Dominion War by scavenging otherwise unused Intrepid prototypes and other shipyard surplus, without regard for styling. So I imagined that that big boxy space should be a shuttlebay for Federation fighters, not because someone said so but because it's hard to see it as anything else under the circumstances. And the nacelle-mounted torpedo launchers should be a hint that this thing was out there to rain hell on Jem'Hadar.

Anyway, this remake of an my old Ent-B is done:

Star Trek Journal

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