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Jellico is a better captain than Picard who is a textbook example for good leadership? That's beyond ridiculous but it is always interesting to see how authoritarian personalites tick.
Picard wasn't beyond criticism. Admiral Nech. often held him to account for his actions.

As for authoritarian personalities, all captains have them, due to possessing supreme authority on a starship.

You suggest in the case of Jellico that officers have to always follow their superiors, even when they give orders just for the sake of giving orders.
Jellico didn't give orders for the sake of giving orders. All his orders were justified.

You also argue for the "deconstruction of Starfleet values" in the case of VOY.
Yes, in order to make VOY a multi-layered show

Trek is not about "follow the leader and ignore your rules, ethics and principles". It isn't a fascist (or shall I say monarchist) but rather a liberal franchise which especially in TNG frequently dealt with wrong authority, e.g. Jellico, Satie, Dougherty or the Picard impostor from Allegiance
No one has argued that Trek is fascist. You are responding to arguments that haven't been made.
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