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Originally Posted by MagaditH View Post
I also got this game for Christmas. I just beat it on easy last night. I enjoyed it. I also loved the first one. I do have some pros and cons about the new one.

To short. I should of not have beat it so quick, even on easy mode.
Can't skip cinematics.
No map of terrain.
No choice of single Saber, duel, or double edge. You only have duel.
Force upgrade is simpler. No need to buy each move. Just the skill.
Starting with better attack moves. Its not long till you have saber throw.
Mind Trick.
Force Fury. Its like the force with rabies.
Skills transfer over after you beat the game. Unlike the first one when you beat the game and you start over a difficulty higher, you'd have to relearn all the skills unless you started over with the same difficulty.
You have it for PS3 as well?
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