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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
In the second movie, I did think it was a bit self-flattering/self-aggrandizing of Flynn to say he made Clu in "his own image".
I think Flynn's statement was the opposite actually because Flynn goes on to say that Clu couldn't understand how important the ISOs were because Flynn himself at the time he programmed Clu didn't know the ISOs were possible. Flynn wanted to create a perfect system and programmed that idea in to Clu but because the ISOs souldn't have been possible Clu sees them as imperfect and a flaw in the system. Flynn however sees the ISOs as a new form of life and important. I believe the idea being conveyed is that everyone has a different vision of perfection so what is perfection? I believe Flynn tells Sam on the solar sailor something on the lines that he realized perfection is all around us and perhaps we should stop trying to find or create our individual visions of perfection and just enjoy what we have around us. I believe this falls in to the sort of Zen theme of the film. I think on the surface the film seems pretty simple but if you look at the undertones it has more to say. Or maybe I'm just over analyzing things.
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