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Default Tron Legacy

Loved it. Loved every minute of it. Not the greatest movie ever...but a damn good one.
Excellent visual effects, and a much darker story...not so dark that it's hopeless, but dark enough to satiate the need for a meatier tale.
It clocks in at 2hrs and 7 minutes, and is awesome all the way through. Nice little nods to the original film.
They really did a bang up job making Jeff Bridges look 30 years younger for his role as a younger Kevin Flynn, and as Clu. And of course, we have Flynn at his current age.
At least the story didn't entirely devolve into teen angst of "why did my father leave me?" and all that.
The IMAX 3D presentation was 16 bucks....but for me, it was worth every penny. When this hits blu-ray, I'm gettin' it.
THIS is the movie CGI was made for!

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