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To adress perhaps the space weapons issue once again, you correctly said that it is inevitable that space will get militarized. One country experiments with technology, another does the same and so on.

I also think that BB's suggestion to prevent or contain an arms race in space is noble. But it's less a matter of law, law is just the final form. Before there is a law you need trust, cooperation and so on. We make slow but steady progress on working together internationally on many issues, be it free trade, slowing down climate change or reducing the amount of nuclear weapons.
There was much more chaos in the world a hundred or two hundred years ago than today so we do progress but not over night.

Something like Trek's United Earth is a nice vision but it will take time and in the meantime nations have their self interests and rightly care about them. You don't wanna wake up one morning and realize that you have been naive and that the other guy has a much larger club than you do.
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