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I checked the German targets and, guess what, all the companies are in the yellow pages. So let's ban the friggin' yellow pages, they might be useful to a terrorist who wants to find the next factory which produces weapons or chemicals. I know sh*t about chemicals but I as well as any other German citizen could name you the location of the biggest chemical factory. If an Islamist wanted to attack it he wouldn't need Wikileaks.

Anyway, I am the first one to admit that these folks make mistakes. But the focus upon these few mistakes and the rage against Wikileaks is just meant to deflect from the nasty sh*t they uncovered. A good government needs well-informed people to function well.
Halliburton and Blackwater, there you have two names which stand for public theft and murder, there you have Criminals In Action. Go after these fu**ards, not some petty hackers.

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