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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
No, the infrastructure leaks were the most damaging. Ron Paul generally does follow the line of thinking that you outline. I'm not a libertarian in the Paul mold. I do have some leanings in that direction though. I admit I'm a bit more of a hawk in foriegn policy than the libertarian model.
From a security standpoint the release of the infrastructure and important sites information was incredibly stupid on the part of the people who released them, and strongly indicate an unwillingness to stop for a second and think about the possible negative repercussions of revealing such information.

But I think that's a given anyway.

I don't see how anyone can think that telling the world what the most important places are for vital aspects of security and population protection does not constitute an information dump of the best kind for prospective terrorists. It's like me telling a thief where I keep my money and how to access it and then leaving him alone for a few hours.

This however does not mean I condone the likes of Palin calling for the assasination of individuals connected to Wikileaks. I do not, and would not do so. But I think Wikileaks is starting to cross the line between revealing interesting information and putting out information which could endanger others.

However, I'm dubious about the sex allegations against Assange at this point and I think it does smack of a take-down campaign at this stage of the game as well.
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