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In my opinion these infrastructure information is hardly high secrecy. Any halfwit knows that a chemical factory or an oil pipeline make fine targets.
But I agree to some degree, the editorial efforts of particularly the first leak about Afghanistan have been very bad. They have learned though (with the help of other transparency advocates, not with the help of the US government whom they asked to help concerning not endangering people!) and erased names now and their publishing goes now bit by bit and hand in hand with what the newspapers release instead of, as before, everything at once.

So you think that this organization is illegal and that the so called "free world" has a right to destroy it and call for the assassination of Assange? I don't know my American constitution that well but last time I checked a foreigner cannot be prosecuted for treason, last time I checked treason laws are reserved for disclosure of high secrecy information like e.g. nuclear ones (the Founding Fathers had obvious reasons to not easily call for the crime of treason) and last time I checked criminals get trialed and not assassinated by order of the POTUS.
In this instance it is crystal clear who the enemy of the free world is.

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