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The most "dangerous" thing in the leaked cables so far (all on low level secrecy by the way) was that Arab leaders want the US to attack Iran. I doubt that Iranian secret services didn't know this already or that this revelation will make the situation in the Middle East more volatile.
On the contrary, all the information rather helps the populations of several countries to learn interesting things about their governments which should after all be by and for the people.

About libertarianism, I think that all concentration of power should be limited not at least because the main assumption of the free market model is that nobody wields any power (and, guess what, it doesn't work when this assumption is violated).
That's the great legacy of the Austrian school (which I personally am not too fond of as it doesn't offer any insights into more complicated economic issues) and I always thought that libertarians in the US like Ron Paul follow these lines of thought.

PS: First the "free world" attacked Wikileaks, i.e. froze their funds, announced that Assange should be assassinated and so on. The cyberattacks by friends of Wikileaks have been a retalitation to these very actions. So please don't confuse cause and effect.

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