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Ah, there you play Chomsky again. "I am just stating facts, not interpreting them". Pretending to not be in theory and believing that you can change the world unideologically is the only weakness of this great intellectual on the left. I wish you could but pointing out that Palin is a retard over and over again won't make any rightwinger change his mind.
Right-wing populism, be it Palin and teabagger style in the US or Berlusconi and Sarrazin style in Europe is so successful even with low-income folks precisely because the left has abandoned theory, ideology or however you want to call it.
Gabriel was right, the left-liberal Green is a cappuccino party. But, and that's even sadder, the social democrats are as well. Forget the stupid facts and focus upon the creation of a new left ideology which will be able to beat the right-wing populist alternative.

Back to the issue, you did interpret the facts. Your main point is that this weapons test constitutes the beginning of a space arms race and that this is a serious danger to world peace.
My point is that it isn't as the technology still in the experimental phase and as, once it is beyond that, it will be used more or less like nuclear weapons, i.e. for deterrence.
In my opinion (and yes, it is just my stupid uninformed opinion; I haven't read all the things you did about the matter) conventional resource conflicts fought with conventional means will have far graver implications upon human lives.
Or to phrase it differently, I am, very much like you I believe, against imperialism, exploitation and such nasty wars. I have yet no problem with a biga*s nuke or a zipp-zapp satellite if they are just used for defensive purposes.

Just think about two countries in the Middle East which have respectively aspire to get nuclear weapons, Israel and Iran. Both countries were attacked most often in recent history, they have ample reasons to be suspicious of their neighbours and that's perhaps precisely why they have / want the bomb.

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