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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Oh for f**k's sake, stop the Chomsky-esque crap. You list facts (which everybody knows already, for the umptenth time, the Star Wars program is not new) en masse and when you interpret them it is some nonsense * la "Russkies are concerned ergo cold War will continue in space."
Oh, I am sorry to bother you with facts.
By the way, it was you, who interpreted those facts, not me. So, please, stop that 'Chomsky-esque crap' yourself. I dont think Russia will start a new arms race. I think China and the USA have started it allready and I think the US is currently on the path to the year 2020.

If that is all well known, obvious and boring for you, then I am sorry to have bothered you with sharing the obvious with you. May be I am just not as well informed as you are, so that all of this still makes an impression on me. Sorry for that.

Thank you and have a nice day.
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