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Oh for f**k's sake, stop the Chomsky-esque crap. You list facts (which everybody knows already; for the umptenth time, the Star Wars program has been continuously running for over twenty years) en masse and when you interpret them it is some nonsense * la "Russkies are concerned ergo Cold War will reemerge in space."

I already said all there is to say about the matter, there are REAL risks of arm races, e.g. in the Middle East, which will have REAL potentials to damage human lives.
In case you have read about the cable leak you might have noticed that at the moment collusion between the US and China (a nation that, unlike Russia, is not descending on the chain of power and a nation which, at least economically, does a lot of harm to the world) concerning not committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a graver problem than military competition.

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