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The "Star Wars" programm has been running since the eighties so why should the testflight of an unmanned ship appear on page 1 of a newspaper?
Two superpowers? Russia is perhaps an important player in geopolitics but certainly not a superpower anymore.They have been pissed off by this kind of stuff for a long time, e.g. when the US offered Poland protection under such a program some years ago. If I didn't have to pay the bill I wouldn't mind such protection either, nothing but a nice spaceship with a big ray gun to make a country think twice before it messes with you.

I think that meddling directly before Russia's doorstep, e.g. when some NATO dumbasses considered to take a country like Georgia into the Western pact, has caused more concern on the Russian side than these ongoing experiments about weapons in space.

Anyway, the Cold War is long over and as space weapons are still in the experimental phase they won't cause an arms race in the near future. Let's focus on the existing arm races, not on the ones that might emerge in some decades.

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