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Yee gads! Took me forever to find this thread because I knew it was around somewhere.

Would have been faster starting a new one! Lol!, I've finally gotten around to borrowing the first season DVD set of Dollhouse from a friend and have started going through it.

I'm just done with episode 4 and it pains me to say this about a Joss Whedon series, but it's not gripping me and I'm not sure it's actually going anywhere interesting. The dialogue is kinda there but I think the problem is that most of the actors are not right for 'Joss-speak' (if any fans of Whedon are around I think they'll know what I mean) and it just seems pretty limp so far.

Since obviously I know it's already long cancelled - and I'll probably persevere with it for the remainder of the series now, I'm just wondering if it actually...............well.........goes anywhere?
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