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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
NASA needs to get off their collective butts and start working on things a rocket that doesn't shake it'self appart or Solar cells that don't cost a million dollars because to frank...understanding life on Earth isn't going save it from us.
Lets assume NASA would have spend three times its budget of the past two decades to develop a super-uber-duper-starship. Lets say, single stage to orbit with a payload of twenty people and equipment for one year in space. Lets assume all the physicists of the world and all their science institutes combined would have spend five times their budget of the past two decades for researching the very fabric of our universe itself, space and time, would have developed a unified field theory, that holds up to scientific standards, would not only have discovered the practical possibility of traversable wormholes, but how to create them. Lets assume all the major avionics corporations of the world would have spend all their privately and publicly funded budgets of the past five years to build the very first stargate.

Lets assume all the worlds space agencies would have come together to build the starship, the stargate, trained a crew and are ready to go - right now!

Where would you want to go?

To a planet that astronomers have catalogued as the one which has the highest probability of harbouring life. How would they have calculated the probability? Well, thats where the astrobiologists and their Californian Bacteria come into play.

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