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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
It's actually pretty significant. Every life form on Earth has the same chemical makeup to their DNA. You, me, an ear of corn, an earthworm. Everything. Except for these little guys, who have used the arsenic in their environment and actually incorporated it into their DNA. That is a truly ground breaking discovery.
Life is adaptive.
There is nothing new about that. We've only explored a minimal surface level of life. There is much much more than this to discover in the oceans themselves. These kind of discoveries will continue.

I don't appreciate the spin doctoring and the hype that was given to this.
I'm glad I didn't buy into it. NASA needs to get off their collective butts and start working on things a rocket that doesn't shake it'self appart or Solar cells that don't cost a million dollars because to frank...understanding life on Earth isn't going save it from us.

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