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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
Those are some very good examples of the same phenomenon.
I've collected and arranged much of these types of music on the same CD and the similarities abound even when you're not dealing with the same composer...

For some reason to me...Indiana Jones Theme and Star Wars seemed so much a like I could never remember both at the same time.
Thanks, Saquist.

As for Indiana Jones and Star Wars being nigh indiscernable...well..consider this too....Lucas wanted (for Star Wars) something that sounded emotional and triumphant (similar to the music used for the old "Victory At Sea" film reels), so he drew from some 1940's-50's era orchestral ideas for inspiration. As for Indiana Jones, well, since the movies were largely set in the 1930's-'50's, the obvious choice was to go with very swashbuckling sounding music, so one could probably see where the two could kinda blend.

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